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Thursday 25. September 2008
New Subproject: Cohesion Orbweb

Cohesion Orbweb is our network substrate for Peer-to-Peer Grid Computing.

Wednesday 09. April 2008
New Subproject: Timeshift

Cohesion Timeshift is a post mortem topology visualization and analysis tool.

Wednesday 05. March 2008
New Subproject: Cohesion SAT Solving Engine

Cohesion SATSE is our upcoming Peer-to-Peer Grid SAT solving engine. It will leverage the distributed task pool provided by the Cohesion Platform.

Tuesday 18. December 2007
New Subproject: Cohesion Ganglia

Cohesion Ganglia is a monitoring system for Cohesion Peer-to-Peer Grids. It leverages the widely deployed Ganglia distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems.

Wednesday 12. December 2007
Migration to faster Webserver

This site has been served from a feeble virtual server for many months. Today, we migrated the site to a more powerful home. Enjoy!

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Cohesion is the first of a new kind of modular Peer-to-Peer multi-application Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterDesktop Grid computing platforms. By implementing the Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenstermicrokernel architectural pattern, Cohesion is especially suited for extension and customization even at the system level and thus can satisfy a wide variety of application-specific requirements.

Irregularly Structured Problems (ISPs)

Cohesion strives for pushing the limits of the Desktop Grid approach by enabling advanced parallel programming models. We focus on task-parallel programming models targeted towards Irregularly Structured Problems (ISPs). ISPs are parallel applications, whose computation and interaction patterns are input-dependent, unstructured and evolving during the computation. Prominent examples are discrete optimization, Opens internal link in current windowSAT Solving and constraint satisfaction problems in general. The client/server model supported by many existing Desktop Grid Computing platforms is too restricted to efficiently parallelize ISPs, since the centralized server becomes a sequential bottleneck for large numbers of clients. Thus, Cohesion provides a Opens internal link in current windowDistributed Task Pool leveraging the Peer-to-Peer operational model of Cohesion


Dipl.-Inf. Sven Schulz
Room 2.404
Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 711 7816 224
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PD Dr. Wolfgang Blochinger

Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 711 7816 4928
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